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Mostrando entradas de marzo, 2015


So I was walking that night, talking to myself. The air was thick around me I could almost touch it, the street was slippery wet, and there was nothing behind nor ahead of me and my whispering voice.   And suddenly, in the blink of an eye, mine stopped seeing clearly. I could not see the cracks underneath my feet and the lights floating above my head turned into big fluffy shiny clouds with no end. In fact, every thing I'd laid my eyes on had no end, no edge. The things in front of me just merged one into another, and I wasn't even capable of tell colors apart, because of the darkness falling all over me, because of the dim of the streetlights.   But I just kept walking. And talking to myself. And even thinking out loud that maybe it wasn't me the one with the problem, that there was nothing wrong with my eyes.   Maybe, and just maybe, it was the world around me that turned blurred, that lost all its boundaries, its edges. Maybe it was the universe itself  being foggy b…